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There's a mirror in my head like all the things you said like a flower in the stone like an island in the sea 脑子中有一面镜子 像你说过所有的话 像石头中的花 像海中的岛屿 I never doubt if you're a liar andyou're the creed inside my soul so just come and take my hand we will find the wonderland 我从未怀疑你是否说谎 你是我灵魂的信义 来拉着我的手 一起去寻找那片奇妙之境 touch your voice there on the phone Then it thrill me head to toe round the corner of this world I'm never lonely coz of you 透过电话触摸你的声音 从头到脚我开始颤抖 徘徊在世界的角落 因为有你我从未孤独 Let me hold you in my arms Let me kiss you in the dark such a small thing as we are But we never fall apart 让我拥抱着你 在暗色之中亲吻你 我们是如此渺小之物 却从未迷失走散 if you're the fire I can feel the warmth of flame Shall I desire somewhere closer to that place deeply inside your eyes miracle's there when you gaze we forget about the time we forget about the pain 如果你是火 我能感受火焰的温暖 我是否要渴望 离那片心之境更近一点 当你凝视着我 深邃的你眼眸之中 奇迹就发生了 我们忘记时光 忘记苦楚 you are my mirror... 你是我的镜子


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